He may not be a crook, but could Richard Nixon have been a traitor?

Newly released tapes of Lyndon Johnson's White House telephone calls reveal that the former president had evidence he thought proved that Nixon had sent a campaign adviser to convince the South Vietnamese to drop out of the 1968 Paris peace talks. A peace accord would have ended the Vietnam War -- a potential blow to Nixon's presidential campaign. Johnson thought the alleged chicanery amounted to treason, but decided not to go public because doing so would also have revealed that the FBI and National Security Agency had been bugging South Vietnamese officials.

What Canadian company is trying to put breakfast-eaters in the mood?

Sex Cereal, now in more than 700 stores across Canada, is the brainchild of a Toronto businessman who says he's looking to improve eaters' sexual health. The cereal comes in two versions -- one for men and one for women -- and features ingredients like rolled oats, goji berries and bee pollen. Both versions also include maca, a Peruvian herb and supposed aphrodisiac.

What's the farthest from Ireland anyone celebrated St. Patrick's Day?

International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield spent Sunday tweeting to his followers in Gaelic, snapping photos of Ireland from orbit and even recording a cover of Danny Boy on guitar. Hadfield, who is already the first astronaut to record an original song in space, posted the recording on his SoundCloud.com page.