Why is a high school teacher suing for being asked to teach?

The teacher asserts in her suit that she was discriminated against because she has a phobia of young children. She was asked to transfer to a middle school to teach French when her high school language classes became online-only. The transfer triggered her phobia, she said, forcing her into retirement. She says the district violated the federal Americans with Disabilities Act when it transferred her and then refused to allow her to return to the high school. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

How is China's one-child policy impacting its economy?

The policy, which is aimed as curtailing the nation's booming population, is producing fewer business-oriented adults, a new study says. Researchers surveyed and tested 421 male and female Beijing residents born after 1979, when the policy started. The results, published this week in the journal Science, showed respondents were more pessimistic, more nervous, less conscientious, less competitive and more risk-averse. They also found them to be 23 percent less prone to choose an occupation that entails business risk, such as becoming a stockbroker, entrepreneur or private firm manager.

When is 'stand closer to the rhino' bad advice?

A South African game park owner suggested a couple stand closer to a pair of rhinos for a picture just before one of the beasts attacked them. The rhino's horn penetrated the woman's chest from behind, resulting in a collapsed lung and broken ribs. The game park declined to comment.