Does playing poker require skill or luck?

The Poker Palace in Portsmouth, Va., says it's skill. Therefore, its Texas Hold 'em game for charity didn't violate a state ban on gambling. A lower court, however, declared it a game of luck because the outcome of each hand is uncertain. The state Supreme Court this week knocked down the lower court ruling, saying that because the palace may face criminal prosecution, the courts could not decide now if it's skill or luck.

How are theaters honoring the Civil War?

Through the National Civil War Project, theater companies are joining four major universities on the East Coast to create new plays, music and dance compositions about the War Between the States. Beyond commissioning new works, organizers plan for university faculty to integrate the arts into their academic programs on campus. Each collaboration will evoke unique perspectives on the Civil War in each region. Locally, the University of Maryland's Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center will join Centerstage in Baltimore, and George Washington University is working with Arena Stage in the District.

What is the White House beef with Bob Woodward?

Veteran Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward accused President Obama's chief economic adviser, Gene Sperling, of threatening him in an email after he slammed Obama's handling of forced cuts, known as the sequester. Woodward said he was told he'd "regret" saying that the president had made a serious blunder by using America's military security as a tactical ploy in negotiations with Republicans over the budget cuts. The White House denied Woodward had been threatened.