Why was a Utah man arrested for posting his art on Facebook?

The man, 20-year-old Matthew Todakonzie, of North Salt Lake City, Utah, is a graffiti artist. He was so proud of his work that he posted photos of it on a private Facebook page. He agreed to share them -- and then got arrested -- after police sent him a friend request through a fake online profile.

What happened to Gmail?

The ubiquitous free email service crashed Monday for users in India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The glitch -- the third such crash in two weeks -- impacted only 0.75 percent of Gmail users, Google said, and was fixed in less than an hour. Even so aggrieved users went online to blast the company, which issued an apology.

What is a trip to the Moon worth?

Priceless. But the artifacts that the astronauts brought back are pretty valuable too. The 858 lots of space memorabilia now up for sale through Amherst, N.H.,-based RR Auction's Aviation and Space Artifacts auction, are expected to fetch upwards of $1 million. At least 85 are from Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing and the most coveted source of space memorabilia.