Have scientists cracked gender role reversal?

European scientists say they know why for some animal species it's fathers rather than mothers that take care of their young -- and it all comes down to numbers. The role reversal in species such as sea horses and some others has evolved because of an imbalance in the number of males relative to females, they said. In 1871, Charles Darwin observed that in most animals, it is the females that spend most time looking after the young while males focus on competing with each other for females. However, in some species -- such as sea horses -- the sex roles are reversed, with the females producing the eggs before leaving it to their male mates to rear their offspring.

Can binge drinking become a tax burden?

Wisconsin taxpayers pay for more than 40 percent of the yearly $6.8 billion burden that binge drinking costs the state, a report said. The first-of-its-kind report, "The Burden of Excessive Alcohol Use in Wisconsin," released Tuesday by researchers at the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute in Madison, determined both the financial burden and who pays it, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. The report showed that at 25.6 percent, the state has the highest drinking rate in the nation by almost 30 percent, the Sentinel reported. Four or more drinks for women per occasion or five or more drinks for men is considered binge drinking, but the report said Wisconsin binge drinkers average a maximum of nine drinks per occasion.