Can rotten eggs help you stay healthy?

Hydrogen sulfide, the gas that gives rotten eggs their distinctive smell, may slow aging and block damaging chemical reactions inside cells, Chinese scientists have found. The compound activates a gene implicated in longevity in a similar way to resveratrol, an antioxidant in red wine. Unlike resveratrol, however, hydrogen sulfide is made by the body. Pills that boost levels of the compound may one day prolong life, the researchers suggested.

What is the Israeli prime minister doing to save money?

Following an Israeli newspaper's scoop, the country's prime minister "froze" his annual $2,700 ice cream budget. Benjamin Netanyahu called the contract "excessive and unacceptable" and said that once he became aware of it, he ordered it stopped immediately.

What is China building in Iran?

China will join in the building of a $1 billion high-speed railway line in Iran, two people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg. China's decision comes as the U.S., the European Union and their allies have tightened sanctions on Iran for a nuclear program they argue is meant to develop atomic bombs. Iran maintains its program is peaceful.

China and Iran have maintained "normal business cooperation," China's foreign ministry spokesman, Hong Lei, told a briefing in Beijing on Monday. China is the biggest buyer of Iranian crude oil.