Is there really such a thing as a royal mole catcher?

The position was created in France 330 years ago by King Louis XIV to help protect 2,000 acres of horticultural wonders at his Palace of Versailles. The king is gone, but the position of mole catcher still exists. The current royal mole catcher is Jerome Dormion, 36, who dispatches the underground rodents with a neck-breaking trap that he likens to a guillotine.

Is Detroit filing for bankruptcy?

State officials are laying the groundwork for the financially destitute Motor City to file what would be the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history, but no decision has been made on whether Detroit will file. The state is studying the city's finances and may appoint a financial manager. City Councilwoman JoAnn Watson recently argued that because Detroit voted so heavily for President Obama in last month's election, the federal government should bail out the city.

Is the U.S. government installing "black box" recorders in cars?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is proposing that automakers begin installing the so-called black box data recorders in passenger vehicles starting in September 2014. The devices, commonly found on airplanes, would record events and the driver's reaction. Regulators said the information would help determine how an accident occurred, though privacy advocates caution against allowing Big Brother to ride shotgun.