What's the best way to give captive cheetahs, which can run up to 60 mph, a workout?

To give their big cats a shot at some real aerobic exercise, zookeepers in Houston took Kito and Kiburi, two male cheetahs to the racetrack. The pair roamed unleashed around a grassy fenced area of Sam Houston Race Park. No horses were nearby at the time, and their trainers reported no problems, according to an AP report.

When will people be able to use mind control?

Some people already are. A 52-year-old patient with a rare degenerative disease was able to move a prosthetic hand and smoothly pour a glass of water using only her thoughts, University of Pittsburgh researchers reported in the Lancet medical journal. She was aided by tiny electronic implants in her brain, Bloomberg reported.

How is Santa helping those impacted by Hurricane Sandy?

Santa may have been too busy to attend, but thousands of Santa look-alikes, plus companions in reindeer and elf costumes, swept across the bar scene in New York over the weekend to sing, drink and contribute food to help Hurricane Sandy victims, The annual SantaCon in Manhattan is an all-day party during which costumed revelers move from bar to bar, with the bars kicking in part of their proceeds, AP reported. Nearly 7,000 pounds of food and $20,000 had already been raised by the beginning of the event, according to the event website.