What is causing more teens to crash their cars?

It's not like teens weren't more accident-prone to start with, but apparently, sleep-deprived teens are worse drivers that sleep-deprived adults. Researchers found that teens experience more impairment in alertness, mood and physical performance than older drivers with similar sleep deprivation. In a related finding, car crashes among the sleep-deprived were more likely to occur between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. than at other hours.

Why are rice mills in China being closed?

The rice mills in Hunan province's Youxian county were ordered to suspend business and recall their products after rice samples showed excessive levels of cadmium, according to an official notice issued Tuesday by the county government. The mills were operating legally and got their rice from local farmers. Reports did not make clear how the rice came to be polluted with the metal, which can cause cancer and seriously damage the kidneys.

What bit of history caused a beach in Greece to be closed?

The item in question was an unexploded 30-centimeter (12-inch) artillery shell found by a beachgoer just 10 yards from dry land. In a possible bid for a Darwin Award, the swimmer fished the corroded, WWII munition out of the water and presented it to a lifeguard. Authorities promptly evacuated the seafront, and army explosives experts rushed to Vouliagmeni beach, where they safely disposed of the shell.