What astronaut has gone "platinum?"

Guitar-playing Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield recorded a personalized rendition of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" during his mission on the International Space Station. The performance, the first music video shot in space, was first posted Sunday and has since been reposted dozens of times. It now has been viewed more than a million times.

Why did New York police officer need an aerial rescue?

The officer climbed up a tree in an attempt to retrieve a cat that had gotten stranded in its branches. The officer then found himself unable to get down and a fire truck with a bucket ladder had to be called to assist. Both the cat and the cop were returned to the ground safely.

Just how far did a munchie-mad Kentucky man go to get a steak?

It was six steaks, actually -- plus shrimp, beer, birthday cake and apparently 57 cans of whipped cream. The gastronomically challenged man consumed the feast overnight in a ValuMarket grocery store were he had hidden until the staff left for the day. Trevor Runyon, 30, was charged by police after he was discovered Monday hiding in the ceiling of the store.