A student did what to avoid telling his parents he failed?

Instead of coming clean about failing an English class, college student Aftab Aslam staged his own kidnapping. The Georgia Gwinnett College student purchased a mobile phone from Target, then texted his parents saying he'd been kidnapped and they'd be killed if they contacted police. His parents called the police anyway but authorities were unable to locate a kidnapper. Aslam returned home after eight days and now faces multiple felony counts for making false statements, tampering with evidence and making terroristic threats.

n How did a pizza delivery man make some money on the side?

A Brooklyn pizza delivery man was bringing more than pizzas to his customers, he was also using the job to sell and deliver drugs. Ramon Rodriguez, 45, was charged earlier this week for using his Papa John's Pizza uniform and delivery bag to hold drugs. Officers found $4,500 in cash and drug paraphernalia on him when they arrested him, and he was still wearing his work uniform.

n What state curses the most?

That would be Ohio. A recent study done by the Marchex Institute studied phone calls places to businesses from consumers across 30 industries and measured how frequently curse words are used. Ohio topped the list as the state where residents most frequently use curse words in their daily speech. Right behind then was Massachusetts in second, Arizona in third, Texas in fourth and Virginia in fifth. The state least likely to curse was Washington state. ?