Is increased sugar intake the main cause of weight gain?

It may not be the only way to pack on the pounds, but a review of some 70 studies concluded that eating more sugar, particularly the so-called free sugars added to foods, will cause you to gain weight. Correspondingly, decreasing sugar intake can lead to weight loss. The World Health Organization commissioned the review as it plans to update its 2003 recommendation that free sugar be limited to less than 10 percent of energy intake.

Why is Iran sending monkeys into space?

Iran is launching the monkeys next month as a step in its plans to send humans into space. The monkeys' space capsule, called Pishgam, which means "pioneer," will be carried into orbit on a Kavoshgar rocket. The United States and its allies have long been concerned about Iran's nuclear program and are worried the space program could have military applications. Iran hopes to send humans into space as soon as five years from now.

What does it take to remodel a space station?

It used to be that expanding the space station required a rocket and a lot of complicated assembly. Now Bigelow Aerospace LLC has an easier way. It has developed an inflatable room made of a Kevlar-like material able to withstand space debris and radiation. It will launch one of the units to the space station in 2015, and it will be attached to a station port as a test. If successful, the rooms could be used to develop permanent on-orbit facilities and living space.