What unusual medical problem cut short a marathon runner's training?

A baby. Now this is not normally considered to be unusual but the mother was profoundly surprised to find out she was pregnant. She had been experiencing escalating back pain and her husband called an ambulance when it became unbearable. Then, when emergency room staff discovered a fetal heart beat, they whisked her into the delivery room and boom -- she was a mother for the third time. The Duluth woman said she had no reason to think she was pregnant because she hadn't gained weight or felt fetal movement and her husband had had a vasectomy. Guess it didn't take.

What was it about drinking a beer that got a guy arrested?

The beer wasn't his. In fact neither was the house he found it in. A burglar in Syracuse was in the midst of stealing copper piping from a vacant rental home in early February when he found an unopened case of beer in the basement. Robbery can be hard work so he took a break and knocked back a brew. The DNA he left on the can led to his identification and arrest.

How did "Creepy smile kid" get his picture in his high school yearbook?

He got his head shot in the same way as "Some tall guy" and "Isolation kid." The monikers are in photo captions of the yearbook at Hoosic Valley, a rural district 20 miles northeast of Albany, N.Y. Officials at the school said it was a "nonintentional, honest mistake" and it was being corrected.