What is the story behind the unclaimed $40 million in New York?

It's not in the lost and found; the money is the estate of Roman Blum, a Staten Island real estate developer and Holocaust survivor who died last year without a will. According to news reports, he has no blood relatives, having apparently lost his first wife and only child during WWII. He left behind what is now the largest unclaimed estate in New York state history. If no heirs are found, the money will go to the state.

What is the best way to get potholes fixed?

Offer a prize -- at least that is what they think in the city of Haverhill, Mass. The town will enter the name of everyone who reports a pothole into a drawing for one of three $25 gift certificates provided by local businesses. The city hopes to have each road divot filled within two days of being reported.

What kind of help is Harvard getting to speed new medical treatments?

It's not always easy to shepherd basic research into new treatments for disease. To help speed the process, the Blavatnik Family Foundation has donated $50 million to Harvard to establish the Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator to identify promising technologies and license them to companies. It will also fund a fellowship at Harvard Business School to give students experience in life sciences, the university said.