What's happening to cars at the Denver Airport?

Vandals at the Denver airport parking lot are causing hundreds of dollars in damage to cars and creating headaches for travelers. It isn't humans causing the damage, however, they're more cuddly criminals: bunnies.

Rabbits have invaded the Denver area, chewing wires under the hoods of cars parked in airport lots. Officials have been removing about 100 rabbits from the area each month, but they keep coming back -- probably because the vehicles provide warmth and the parking lot is a perfect place for food scraps.

Did a pitbull save its human family from death?

A 10-year-old pitbull terrier named Baby saved her human (and doggie) family from being burned to death in their home. Baby woke the family up as their house in Wellston, Oklahoma went up in flames.

Baby's owner, Rhonda Westenberger, said Baby started barking and woke her and her sister. When the sisters got out of the house, they realized several of their other dogs were still inside. Baby went back in and dragged them outside.

What is the 'Harlem Shake'?

If you've been on the Internet lately, you might have noticed the latest trend in viral videos: the "Harlem Shake," a dance move where one person simply thrusts their hips back and forth, then everyone around them starts joining in by going crazy -- all to a techno beat. Everyone from members of the U.S. military to race car driver Jeff Gordon are uploading their videos of the Harlem Shake. One of the most-watched videos includes an underwater rendition by the University of Georgia men's swim team, with 13 million views.