Are 16 year olds in Takoma Park voting?

The city is considering lowering the voting age to 16, though it can only do so in local elections for mayor and city council, not the congressional or presidential contests. The federal voting age was set at 18 in 1971, but Takoma officials said lowering the age could help ensure that the teenagers will become active voters for life. The council is holding a hearing on the proposal on April 8 and if officials agree to lower the age Takoma Park would have the youngest voters in the country.

Do Americans want to legalize pot?

The first poll done on the question of legalizing marijuana was by Gallup in 1969 and it found that 84 percent of the country opposed legalization. But a Pew Research Center poll released Thursday found for the first time that a slight majority, 52 percent, now supports legalizing it. Hispanics and moderate Republicans showed the biggest jumps in support since 2010.

Could Enron's former CEO get out of jail early?

Jeffrey Skilling, sentenced to a 24-year prison term for his role in the energy giant's collapse after a trial that riveted the nation in 2006, could be getting out of prison well ahead of 2030. Skilling, 59, has been in jail for six years. A federal appeals panel ruled 2009 that the original sentence was too harsh, but a re-sentencing has been delayed. Now, as CNBC first reported, it appears that the justice Department and Skilling's lawyers will reach a deal that will slash several years off his sentence.