What libido-boosting treatment may help prevent diabetes?

Scientists in Australia are studying whether testosterone, which is known to increase men's sex drive and musculature, can help prevent a form of diabetes that tends to strike later in life and afflicts more than 330 million people worldwide. The study was discussed Saturday at the 10th International Congress of Andrology in Melbourne.

Which state is set to give local vineyards a run for their money?

Minnesota is revving a wine industry made possible by new strains of cold-resistant grapes. The new vines, developed by University of Minnesota researchers, have helped to double the number of wineries in the state in the past six years.

What college president is being criticized for his essay related to slavery?

Emory University President James Wagner recently cited the three-fifths compromise on slavery in 1787 as an example of polarized politicians' ability to work together in an essay he wrote for the university magazine. The three-fifths compromise allowed Southern states to count 60 percent of their slave populations when determining the number of legislators states could send to the House of Representatives. As a result of the essay, faculty members at the Atlanta school voted to censure Wagner. The university president later said he considers slavery "heinous, repulsive, repugnant and inhuman" and apologized "for the hurt caused by not communicating more clearly my own beliefs."