What is China doing to bolster its equities market?

The ostensibly communist country plans to allow brokerages and insurers to set up and manage mutual funds and make them available to the public. Chinese officials released draft regulations Sunday for would-be mutual fund companies that, among other things, requires firms to have at least 20 billion yuan ($3.2 billion) in assets under management and demonstrate they have been profitable for the past three years.

What did a Michigan inmate do to get 24 months added to his sentence?

Edwin Cota, an inmate at Michigan's Brooks prison, was sentenced to two additional years last week for a failed escape attempt. Cota made his bid for freedom in August by burying himself in the prison garden -- along with a knotted sheet to help him get over the fence. According to the Associated Press, his plan was uncovered when guards interviewed his clearly nervous cellmate.

Do chickens make good watchpets?

At least one Wisconsin chicken has proved her worth as an alarm system. Cluck Cluck the hen alerted her adoptive family to a fire, saving them and another family pet. The home's fire alarms failed to sound when a blaze started in the garage attic, but the chicken's loud clucking woke the lady of the house. Cluck Cluck also survived, the AP reported, though the house was a total loss.