Where did Mitt Romney get his new campaign slogan?

The Republican presidential nominee's new unofficial motto is "Clear eyes and full hearts -- and America can't lose." It may sound familiar to fans of the television drama "Friday Night Lights," a series about a fictitious Texas high school whose football coach rallies his team at halftime by saying, "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." The team shouts back, "Can't lose." Romney is said to be a huge fan of the NBC show.

Is the Corcoran Gallery of Art moving out of D.C.?

Corcoran officials announced in June that the gallery is struggling financially and may have to sell its iconic building on 17th Street near the White House. It could reopen in Virginia or Maryland, they said. The possibility of the gallery moving spawned a backlash in the arts community, which is now mobilizing to prevent it. The Corcoran first opened in 1874 and moved into a bigger building in 1897.

What is a violence tax?

The name was given to a new initiative in the Chicago area that would tax guns and ammunition not just to balance the Cook County budget but to curb the number of guns being sold. Homicides in Chicago are up 25 percent this year, and the proposed tax is one of the county's responses. Gun-rights groups oppose the measure. A 2007 effort by the county to tax bullets was ultimately defeated.