Why did the Swiss railroad object to Apple's iPad?

The Swiss Federal Railways said the clock app in Apple's new iPad operating system is an illegal copy of an iconic clock design owned by the railway. The clock, designed in 1944 by engineer Hans Hilfiker, has a white face, black rectangles for numbers and a red second hand shaped like a railway signal flag. Apple quickly agreed to license the design from the railway for an undisclosed amount.

Why was the Washington-area gang MS-13 designated an "international criminal group"?

The U.S. Treasury gave the designation to the El Salvador-based Mara Salvatrucha gang so the government could freeze the gang's U.S. assets and block its international financial transactions. MS-13, concentrated in the District, Northern Virginia and Los Angeles, is considered far more sophisticated than a typical street gang, with a multimillion-dollar criminal network that includes drugs, extortion, kidnapping and human trafficking.

Why are there zombies all over Washington?

The ghoulish undead arrived this weekend in D.C. for the same reasons so many living creatures come to town: They're lobbying for a cause. Besides, Saturday was World Zombie Day. The zombies arrived courtesy of the AMC Networks, whose cable channel, AMC, features the top-rated zombie drama, "The Walking Dead." The undead are protesting the fact that the Dish Network, a satellite carrier, dropped AMC programming from its service.