Why did Michelle Obama and Ann Romney both wear pink to the debate?

The first lady and the wife of Republican nominee Mitt Romney arrived at Tuesday's presidential debate wearing the same shade of pink, alternately described as lipstick pink, Pepto pink and fuchsia. And while there was speculation that the matching outfits were a tip to breast cancer awareness month, it appears that it was actually just a coincidence.

What is the "Pull 'Em Up" campaign?

The Take Charge Program of Forestville, Md., and students at Northwestern High School in Hyattsville have joined forces to target teenagers who walk around with sagging pants that give the rest of the world a view of their underwear. The Pull 'Em Up campaign is trying to teach the teens about proper attire, starting with a belt. The group is accepting belt donations until Nov. 1. Donation drop-off locations can be found at TakeChargeProgram.org.

Have the French banned school homework?

French President Francois Hollande has pledged to end homework as part of his national education reforms. The president says homework is not fair to students because some kids get help from their parents while those come from disadvantaged homes don't have that kind of parental support. At the same time, though, Hollande proposes extending the school week from four days to four and a half days.