Is the "five-second rule" valid?

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. parents admit telling their kids that it's OK to eat something that fell on the floor if they pick it up in less than five seconds. A new study by Clorox and San Diego State University, however, found that food can attract germs in less than five seconds. The study found that countertops are the dirtiest place to drop food, followed by carpeting and tiled floors.

Is the Washington City Paper refusing to print the hometown football team's name?

The paper said it will no longer refer to the Washington Redskins by a nickname that the paper called pejorative for Native Americans. The paper polled readers for a replacement nickname that it will use when referring to the team from now on. The winner: Pigskins or Hogs. The only other paper refusing to print "Redskins" is the Kansas City Star, whose home team is the (nonpejorative) Chiefs.

Why is Newsweek going out of print on Dec. 31?

The glossy newsweekly, along with its chief competitor, Time, has since 1933 been the pre-Internet, go-to source for in-depth news and analysis. The magazine's 3 million copies-a-week circulation is now half that. It is reportedly losing $40 million a year, and its new owners, the Harman family, no longer want to put money into it. The Newsweek moniker will live on online.