Is failing to predict an earthquake a crime?

Apparently, it is in Italy. An Italian court on Monday sentenced seven scientists and experts to six years in prison because they provided "inexact, incomplete and contradictory information" about a potential earthquake before it hit central Italy in 2009. The scientists were charged with manslaughter for failing to adequately warn residents of a 6.3-magnitude quake that killed 300, left 65,000 homeless and devastated parts of the medieval city of L'Aquila. An appeal is expected.

Where will the Redskins train next year?

The Washington Redskins will begin training at a new facility to be built in Richmond behind the Science Museum of Virginia. The team will train there for at least the next eight years. Richmond city officials announced the site and the $40 million development at a news conference Monday. The camp is sponsored by Bon Secours, a nonprofit Catholic health system that operates four facilities around Richmond.

What has become of Pussy Riot?

Two members of the all-girl Russian punk band, jailed for protesting in a cathedral against President Vladimir Putin, were sent to remote work camps in Mordovia and Siberia to serve their two-year sentences. "These are the harshest camps," the band said on Twitter. A third member of Pussy Riot had her sentence suspended earlier this month and was released. Band supporters said it was a ploy to make it appear the government was being lenient.