Is D.C. going to ban large soft drinks?

At least three members of the D.C. Council support a New York-style ban on large sugary sodas, a survey by WTOP radio found. But the measure is a long way from winning approval in the District. The Council has debated its role in keeping city residents healthy, but earlier this year rejected a similar proposal from Council member Mary Cheh, D-Ward 3, to discourage sodas and other sugary drinks with a tax.

Is lap dancing art?

New York's top court narrowly ruled Tuesday that lap dancing, however artistic, is not art and does not promote culture in the same way as, say, ballet. The 4-3 decision means an Albany-area strip club has to pay state sales taxes on its private dance revenues. Dissenting justices argued that state law doesn't distinguish between "highbrow dance and lowbrow dance," and so lap dancing as art raises "significant constitutional problems."

Is Virginia getting a pro basketball team?

A new economic development study in Virginia Beach concludes that an NBA team could move there as early as next year and play at various area venues until a permanent, 18,500-seat arena is built. There have been reports that a team may be interested in moving to Virginia Beach, though it hasn't been publicly identified. City officials are now weighing whether to build the $350 million arena.