Does Mitt Romney want to eliminate FEMA?

The Republican presidential nominee said in a primary debate in June 2011 that states should take on a greater role in responding to disasters, which prompted a report in the Huffington Post claiming that Romney wished to abolish the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Not so, Romney aides said. States should do more, the aides said, but Romney has no intention of abolishing FEMA.

Has anyone ever referred to rocker Meat Loaf as Mr. Loaf?

The singer, who last week endorsed Mitt Romney for president, claims the New York Times called him Mr. Loaf in a review of his 1973 performance in "As You Like It." But that turns out not to be true, according to Jim Romenesko, who blogs about all things media. The only time the Times referred to Meat as Mr. Loaf was in a tongue-in-cheek headline: "Is He Called Just Plain Meat Or Should It Be Mr. Loaf."

Did Steve Jobs design his own yacht?

The late founder of Apple computers, known for his minimalist styling, did design an enormous yacht that includes floor-to-ceiling windows, teak decks and seven 27-inch iMacs. He knew he might not live long enough to see the ship built, but Jobs continued to tinker with its design until his death a year ago. The ship was just completed and christened.