Will Election Day be postponed because of Superstorm Sandy?

The storm devastated the East Coast, raising questions about whether the schools, fire halls and other polling venues will be cleaned and ready by next Tuesday and whether there will be uninterrupted power for electronic voting machines. Still, a delay appears unlikely. Not only has it never happened before, but it would require a vote by Congress and would affect all 50 states even though only a handful were hit by Sandy.

Who is the top target of late-night comedians?

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney has been the butt of more late-night jokes than anyone else, according to the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University. A study of shows since Aug. 27 found Romney was the punch line of 148 jokes, more than twice as many as President Obama, who came in second with 62 jokes. The top Romney jokester is David Letterman, who told 44 Mitt jokes and nine Obama jokes, the study found.

What is the dirt on Mars like?

NASA's rover, Curiosity, sampled the Martian soil and found that it contains some of the same minerals as the soil found on Hawaii's Mauna Kea volcano. The presence of feldspar and olivine, two minerals typically associated with volcanic activity on Earth, are certainly not enough for scientists to determine whether Mars could sustain life, the ultimate aim of the two-year mission.