Why is Texas threatening to arrest international election monitors?

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe has monitored U.S. elections for the past 10 years to ensure they remain fair and open. But Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott threatened to arrest monitors this year if they disrupt any of the polling places they inspect. Critics charge that Abbott is retaliating against the OSCE because it met with liberal groups concerned about voter ID laws, like the one Texas wants to impose.

Who is paying for the cleanup of Superstorm Sandy?

The federal government agreed to pay all costs associated with restoring power and public transportation in New York and New Jersey, the hardest-hit states. It's unclear how much the effort, which runs right through Election Day, will cost. Total storm damage was estimated at $50 billion. The Federal Emergency Management Agency typically reimburses states 75 percent of the total cost of recovery after a natural disaster.

What became of the election bombshell Donald Trump promised?

The real estate mogul, reality TV star and former Republican presidential candidate offered to donate $5 million to charity if President Obama released certain personal documents, ostensibly to prove his U.S. citizenship, which Trump questions. The president allowed the noon deadline to pass Thursday without response. Trump called it a "very, very sad day." But even Republicans complained that the bombshell didn't live up to the expectations Trump created.