What is "swatting"?

The term applies to a new pranking trend that targets celebrities around Los Angeles. Pranksters call police to falsely report that a major crime is underway at some star's home. Attempted kidnappings and shootings have been reported. Because they're celebrities, there is usually a full tactical police response. "X Factor" judge Simon Cowell was swatted over the weekend. Other swatting victims include actor Ashton Kutcher and singers Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

Why was Yasser Arafat's grave dug up?

The former Palestinian leader, who died eight years ago, was exhumed early Tuesday so tests could be performed to determine whether he had been assassinated with radioactive poison. Arafat was reburied with full military honors eight hours later. The biggest obstacle: Authorities had to dig through several yards of concrete that were poured over the grave to prevent anyone from digging up and desecrating Arafat's body.

What are "sneaker waves"?

The term applies to unpredictable but powerful coastal waves that have been known to sweep people and animals off of beaches in California, Oregon and Washington state. A sneaker wave is generally a large wave that follows immediately behind a much smaller one. A married couple and their son were killed by such a wave over the weekend in California when they tried to rescue the family dog from the water.