How is the US drought impacting oil shipments?

Because of drought across the Midwest, the worst such water shortage since the 1930s, the water level in the Mississippi River has dropped. In fact, it has dropped faster than expected, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects many of the tug boats that run up and down the river will be unable to operate by Jan. 3 or 4, Bloomberg reported. About $7 billion worth of goods, including grain and crude oil, are typically shipped on the river in December and January, according to the Waterways Council.

Is there a new 'Godfather' sequel on the way?

That is not clear. So far, there have been two sequels to the Mario Puzo book "The Godfather" on which the 1972 Academy Award-winning movie of the same name was based. Paramount Pictures recently sued Puzo's estate to stop his heirs from publishing a third sequel, called "The Family Corleone." The lawsuit was dropped last week, but the terms of the settlement have not yet been made public.

Have archeologists found the biblical settlement of "Mozah"?

Scientists have discovered an ancient temple and cache of sacred vessels near Jerusalem. The find provides rare evidence of rituals held outside Jerusalem about 2,700 years ago, said the Israel Antiquities Authority. Some archaeologists have proposed identifying the overall dig as the biblical settlement "Mozah" that's mentioned in the Book of Joshua -- in part because of the discovery of storehouses and silos, Bloomberg reported. The authority, however, said that "extensive research" is still required.