Whatever happened to the New York Yankees players who swapped families?

Forty years after the couples made headlines for swapping wives, children and even the family pets, former Yankees all-star pitcher Fritz Peterson remains married to his old teammate Mike Kekich's former wife Susanne Kekich.

Peterson, 70, was in Florida this weekend playing in an Old Timers game at the same stadium where the two teammates held separate press conferences in 1973 to discuss the details of the swap.

Actors Ben Affleck and Matt Damon reportedly plan to make a movie based on the scandal called "The Trade," but Kekich is trying to stop the production. Kekich and Marilyn Peterson moved in together but split up several years later. Kekich is believed to have a new family in New Mexico.

Will D.C. police get a pay raise?

While D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier and union boss Kristopher Baumann have spent much of their energy focused on sniping at each, the rank-and-file officers have gone six years without a raise and the number of officers on the streets has stagnated while overall crime in the city has crept up the last two years.

Meanwhile, as the New York Times reported Saturday, New York City's effort to flood high-crime areas with cops has driven crime down 75 percent while shrinking the jail population by a third and reportedly saving taxpayers $1.5 billion a year.

Mayor Vincent Gray has been pushing to increase the size of the police department, and Washington Examiner columnist Harry Jaffe thinks officers may soon get a raise.

Which colleges will have the best football recruiting classes?

It depends on who you ask. But as National Signing Day approaches on Feb. 6, based on an aggregate of four national recruiting services, the ranking looks likes this heading into the final weekend: 1.) Alabama; 2.) Florida; 3.) Notre Dame; 4.) Ohio State; 5.) Michigan; 6.) Texas A&M; 7.) LSU; 8.) USC; 9.) Georgia; 10.) UCLA; 11.) Ole Miss.; and 12.) Virginia Tech.