Why all the fanfare over a new Marine recruit?

Well, he is from Virginia and unusually young for a new marine -- just 11 weeks old -- but that's not it. Chesty XIV, an English bulldog puppy, is the Marine Corps' new mascot. Born in Frederick County, he will represent the Corps at events around the nation's capital, including attending parades and visiting schools. He has already been measured for his uniforms and will be officially sworn in at a future date.

Why are parents resisting vaccinating their daughters against the human papilloma virus?

One out of six parents told researchers conducting a survey that they are not sure the vaccine is safe. The vaccine prevents the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer, but data from the national survey, which was conducted from 2008 to 2010, indicated that fewer teens are getting the shots. The proportion of parents saying they wouldn't vaccinate their teens against the virus rose to 44 percent in 2010, from 40 percent two years earlier, according to the report released Monday in the Journal of Pediatrics.

Why are doctors' offices often bad for the disabled?

Though it has been more than 20 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed, new research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that almost one-fourth of doctors are unable to accommodate and treat patients who use wheelchairs. Of the 256 doctor's offices surveyed, about 22 percent said they couldn't assist wheelchair-bound patients, mostly because they weren't able to safely transfer the patient to an exam table. Lack of access to the building was a secondary reason, the researchers said.