Is NASA working to warn us about asteroids that might hit the Earth?

The space agency is developing a better asteroid-detection program but is about a decade behind in meeting a congressional deadline. NASA officials say they need a telescope in space to improve tracking. Most large asteroids that may trigger a global catastrophe already have been found and tracked, officials said, and an impact within the next several centuries is unlikely. But smaller objects can still do damage, and although they are less lethal, they are harder to track and arrive more often.

Is there a way to make mammograms less miserable?

There is one sure way to cut the pain in half -- go half as often. Researchers have found that having a mammogram every other year reduces the risk that most women will be incorrectly told they may have breast cancer, but it does not increase the odds they will be diagnosed with advanced disease.

The broad study looked at data from almost 1 million women, including those with dense breasts or who had used hormone replacement therapy, which can increase cancer risk. It was published by JAMA Internal Medicine.

Why did a Pennsylvania woman park on the railroad tracks?

Don't worry, she wasn't suicidal; she just hated the train horn. Pennsylvania police responded to a call of a drunken and disorderly woman screaming that her car was stuck on the tracks. They did find the car on the tracks, with the driver's door open and no keys in the ignition. After investigating, though, police said they believed she parked the vehicle there deliberately to stop the train and therefore silence the horn.