As they settle into the second week of their nationally-syndicated radio show, Andrea Tantaros and Jason Mattera, part of conservative Talk Radio Network's youth kick, are tackling the new media reality revealed in the last election.

The bottom line: The era of screaming hosts may be over.

"The election told us a lot about what this country looks like right now and it's changed. So you can't have one person screaming into the microphone," said Tantaros, host of "The Andrea Tantaros show with Jason Mattera," which took over the morning slot from long-time conservative talker Laura Ingraham, who switched networks.

"It's outdated," said Tantaros, also a host of Fox's "The Five." She added: "It's not just going to be straight up angry blond conservative radio. It's just not going to be that because I'm a perky brunette. ...Screaming into the microphone just simply about red meat Republican issues is just not a sustainable formula anymore."

Instead of copying Ingraham's and other's playbook, the new 9 a.m.-noon team is taking a morning crew approach, including interaction with producers A.J. Rice and Matt Fox. The resulting mix includes serious politics, humor, political skits, culture and sports.

Mattera, the best-selling author known for his ambush interviews, plans to continue stirring up Washington with his blitzkrieg style. His plan: Treat Washington insiders the same way the paparazzi dogs movie stars. "I just wish the media in this town was as aggressive with politicians as paparazzi is with Hollywood," he said.

Mattera told Secrets that "the bottom line is conservative principles don't change but the manner in which you convey them must change."