With a majority of Americans favoring repeal of Obamacare, the Tea Party Patriots are releasing a documentary called “The Determinators” in an attempt to make the Florida presidential race an anti-Obamacare election.

“Is the president’s new health care plan really reform or a reshuffling of money and lives?” the documentary trailer narrator says. “Your very life depends on who controls the game, because whoever pays for your health care holds the power to decide.”

The documentary will premiere in Florida on October 6th.

“Our film exposes what the President and Obamacare supporters don’t want you to know: if the healthcare bill takes full effect, government bureaucrats—not individuals and doctors—will determine most facets of healthcare in this country,” said Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Jenny Beth Martin.  “We want Americans to understand how this government takeover will destroy our current way of life, and who is responsible for taking us down this road when they vote in November.”

The movie is “inspired” by Dr. C.L. Gray of Physicians for Reform, who believes that Obamacare makes “your physician a tool of the state” and “a bureaucrat decid[es] whether or not you receive treatment.”