A professor at Gilman School in Baltimore alleges in a federal lawsuit that male teachers advance more quickly than female teachers.

Ruth W. Williams, a mathematics teacher at Gilman, wrote in a filing in U.S. District Court on July 10 that Gilman has discriminated against her because she?s a woman.

Once Gilman hired a new headmaster, Jon McGill, advancement of women at the school worsened, Williams? attorney, Joyce Smithey, wrote in the suit.

During her employment, Williams noticed a "disturbing pattern in the lack of advancement opportunities available to female employees" at the school, and "there were no female heads of departments" at Gilman, the suit states.

The school also incorrectly underpaid her for years, Williams? suit says.

It also states that other employees and former employees have referred to the institution as "sexist" or a "good ol? boy network."

In an earlier filing, attorneys for Gilman said the school denies much of Williams? complaints.

Attorneys for Gilman said Williams is a "superb" teacher, but lost out on a job to a more qualified male teacher.

"Gilman?s actions towards Mrs. Williams were based upon legitimate, nondiscriminatory reasons," wrote Steven Frenkil, a Baltimore attorney representing Gilman.

Williams seeks the back pay she says she?s owed, attorney costs and other damages the court deems necessary.

Smithey did not respond to a request for comment.

Frenkil was also unavailable for comment.