President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are asking supporters to dig deep into their pocketbooks and "donate big" to stop the "witch hunt" being waged against the administration.

"What you're seeing on TV is SABOTAGE. You read that right. It's SABOTAGE. The Fake News Media is working hand-in-hand with Washington's corrupt bureaucracy to try to slow and block our America First Agenda," Trump said in a fundraising video released Thursday evening (the words were displayed in all caps in the video). "But we're fighting to break the special interest stranglehold around our country that has silenced our citizens, stripped our nation of its wealth, and bled America dry."

Trump said his team is engaged in an "all-out fight" to continue the fight and told supporters to join him in the "trenches" and fight back.

Pence echoed his boss's sentiment, sharing the post on Facebook and asking donors to help the administration push back.

"With so many forces out to ruin us, we are turning to you and our most trusted supporters at this critical moment to join us in the trenches to FIGHT BACK. Donate BIG today!" Pence wrote.

Earlier Thursday, Trump tweeted a new declaration of war against the media, calling their reporting on his administration and probes into his alleged ties to Russia the "single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history." Trump then repeated the "witch hunt" criticism during a press conference with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos later in the day.