Slowly but surely the truth is becoming known about President Obama's blatant use of the Internal Revenue Service to suppress the First Amendment political free speech rights of Tea Party, conservative and evangelical non-profits during the 2010, 2012 -- and now -- the 2014 campaigns.

The Wall Street Journal's Kimberly Strassel reports today that keeping the IRS "muzzle in place" for 2014 was Obama's top priority during negotiations with House Republicans on the just-passed omnibus spending bill.

The vehicle for keeping the muzzle in place is the recently proposed IRS rule that proscribes all kinds of educational activities that 501(C)(4) non-profits have routinely conducted for decades. Obama administration officials spin the rule as the cure for the targeting scandal.

IRS tops Obamacare funding

How important is the IRS muzzle to Obama? So important that it even topped getting more funding for Obamacare, according to Strassel.

Republicans wanted to restrict the rule, but "throughout the negotiations Democrats went all in on keeping the IRS rule, even though it meant losing their own priorities.

"In the final hours before the omnibus was introduced Monday night, the administration made a last push for IMF money. Asked to negotiate that demand in the context of new IRS language, it refused," Strassel said.

Who did it?

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa revealed last week that Barbara Bosserman, who runs the government's investigation of the IRS scandal, is a long-time Obama campaign donor.

Odds are the next step in unmasking the full truth about this scandal will be taken when the veil of secrecy about who selected Bosserman is torn away.

The Washington Examiner has asked the Justice Department for the date of Bosserman's appointment, the name of the official who made the appointment and on-the-record interviews with both individuals.

Stay tuned.

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