Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz joined the fun of using "covfefe" to trash Minnesota Democratic Sen. Al Franken's new book.

Cruz was quick to seize on the nonsense word President Trump used in a late-night tweet that elicited wide reaction on social media Wednesday.

"Covfefe? Hard to say, but I hear Al Franken's new book is full of it," Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted with a winking face.

Franken and Cruz have been involved in a spat over the Minnesota senator's new book, in which devotes an entire chapter to Cruz. Franken recently told a reporter he chose to do so because "I hate Ted Cruz."

Cruz charged Franken with mocking him solely to sell books.

"Al is trying to sell books and apparently he's decided that being obnoxious and insulting me is good for causing liberals to buy his books," Cruz recently said.