Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, criticized the Obama administration on a two-day visit to Israel for pressuring the Jewish state on the issue of settlements in the Palestinian territories.

Cruz said Monday the settlements are "a question for the government of Israel," adding that he doesn't "think it's America's role to try to impose a policy about where Israeli settlements are located and where they're not." The rumored 2016 presidential candidate said the White House's approach to U.S.-Israeli relations is to "criticize and harangue and pressure the Israeli government."

He also had tough words for Secretary of State John Kerry, who last month referred to Israel as an apartheid state. "Those words will be repeated by the enemies of Israel," said Cruz, who characterized the remark as "grotesquely inaccurate and deeply harmful." He reiterated his call for Kerry to resign.

Cruz's two-day trip to Israel is the first stop in a foreign tour which will include meetings in Ukraine, Poland and Estonia.