Sen. Ted Cruz criticized President Obama for his "dictatorial" behavior while dealing with Obamacare.

"If it's the law of the land, the president shouldn't keep ignoring the law," Cruz, a Texas Republican, said during an interview with Fusion TV's Jorge Ramos.

Ramos questioned Cruz about his father's remarks saying that Obama reminding him of Cuba's Fidel Castro.

Cruz admitted that while Obama wasn't "imprisoning or torturing dissidents" like Castro, he was still disregarding his own law by granting exemptions for big businesses, members of Congress, and insurance companies as he "waved his hand.

"A president under a constitutional system doesn't have the ability to pick and choose which laws to follow," Cruz said. "And that's the same pattern you see in dictatorial societies, where a leader says, 'Ignore the law, go with the power of the president instead of the written law.'"

Cruz admitted that this type of behavior made him wary of Obama's actions.

"That's not the way our Constitution is supposed to work," Cruz concluded.