On “Fox and Friends” Monday morning, Sen. Ted Cruz explained that even though he was concerned about the new revelations of the National Security Agency surveillance programs, he cautioned against Americans rushing to judgment on the issue.

“I think it depends on what the contours of the program are and I don’t think we should rush to judgment or jump to conclusions,” the Texas Republican said when asked about the controversial nature of the programs.

Cruz explained, however, that it was getting harder for Americans to trust President Obama after learning that the IRS targeted political opponents, the Justice Department was targeting journalists, and the State Department offered misleading statements about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi.

“In that context, it makes it very difficult when the administration’s response on the NSA is ‘just trust us,’ because their conduct has not suggested that they’re trustworthy,” Cruz added.

Cruz added that most members of Congress were “kept totally in the dark” about the surveillance programs, except the congressional intelligence committees.