Sen. Ted Cruz signaled yesterday on FOX News that he was concerned about allowing illegal immigrants to get a green card – reportedly part of the Gang of Eight Senate bill for immigration reform.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., supports the idea of allowing illegal immigrants to apply for a green card after a 10-year wait.

“The problem with the green card is the green card is a permanent legal residence status, and anyone who has a green card is eligible for citizenship within five years,” Cruz explained to FOX News host Sean Hannity. “And so, if someone can get a green card, that is a path to citizenship.”

Cruz warned that he had “deep concerns” about a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, pointing out that it was unfair for immigrants who wanted to come to America legally.

“It worries me, even if someone goes to the back of the line, what it means is that if you’re somebody in another country who wants to come to the United States and you followed the rules — you applied to come legally — if we pass something that allows those here illegally to achieve citizenship, it means you’re a chump for having stayed in your own country and followed the rules, because you were not able to live here and raise your family and enjoy the tremendous blessings and liberty in the United States simply because you followed the rules,” Cruz added.