On the Mark Levin show Tuesday night, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was asked to weigh in on the Supreme Court decision regarding law enforcement officials collecting DNA samples from criminals.

Cruz replied that he was necessarily cautious of government collecting more data and private information from its citizens because it was likely that those in power would abuse it.

“You know, when Orwell wrote about 1984, the image of an all-powerful central government that monitored the citizens at all times, that had an eye on the sky or an eye on the street video taping all of us, that had information about all of us, personal data — that was viewed as science fiction,” Cruz said, adding that the invasion of personal information was due to the “Big Government crowd.”

“You and I both know that the ‘Big Government crowd’ isn’t just the Left, it also includes some on the Right,” Cruz warned. “An excess of power and government is always, always, always, a fundamental threat to liberty.”