Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, reacted to liberal Hollywood mega-producer Harvey Weinstein after he vowed to make a liberal, anti-NRA movie.

"You know, Hollywood liberal elites, they have their view of things," Cruz said in a Fox News interview Thursday, reacting to a series of scenes from violent Harvey Weinstein movies played during the interview.

"I have to say that first clip — my daughters would be very dismayed to see Frosty getting shot," he said, referring to a scene from "Django Unchained" featuring actor Jamie Foxx shooting a snowman.

Cruz also pointed out that Weinstein produced the violent film "Kill Bill."

"[W]hen Uma Thurman with a sword severs the limbs of The Crazy 88's, but you don't see people wanting to ban knives," he said.

Weinstein would likely lose money with his film, Cruz said, because the goal was to diminish gun rights.

"The great thing is the market will take care of this," Cruz said. "Because these left-wing propaganda films that people like Weinstein like to put out — they never sell any tickets."

Part of the hypocrisy, Cruz noted, is that Weinstein likely has armed bodyguards while the single mom riding the subway in the inner city still needs the right to protect herself.

"We have a right to protect ourselves. It's protected in the Constitution and even if liberal Hollywood types want to take it away, it isn't going anywhere."

He added that it was part of the same hypocrisy that affected liberal elitists in Washington.

"It's the same pattern we see in Washington. It's a double standard," he said. "It's one rule for thee and one rule for me."