Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, believes that President Obama has it all backwards in his administration's nuclear deal with Iran.

Cruz noted Sunday that when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the deal a "historic mistake" and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani praised the deal on Twitter, it appeared obvious that something was wrong.

"All the smiling embraces between diplomats after the interim deal was signed notwithstanding, the Iranian regime remains a brutal and oppressive dictatorship that pursues nuclear weapons for the purpose of dominating the Middle East and threatening America and our allies, notably Israel," Cruz said on Sunday.

Cruz signaled disappointment that Americans detained in Iran were not granted a release as a result of the deal. Cruz has championed the cause of a U.S. minister, Saeed Abedini, imprisoned in Iran because of his Christian faith.

More importantly, Cruz criticized the deal for not sufficiently thwarting Iran's nuclear ambitions.

"According to the interim agreement regarding Iran’s nuclear program that was reached this weekend in Geneva, not one centrifuge will be destroyed. Not one pound of enriched uranium will leave Iran," he said.