It was meant to be funny, but Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's humorous opening line at a meeting of conservatives Wednesday night packed a punch in highlighting the reality that in the escalating IRS scandal, no Obama pet project or supporting group was audited by the tax agency--only critics.

In comments to the "Prosperity Caucus," a group of economists and policy analysts who push a pro-growth agenda, Cruz said: "I regret to pass off some information that as a result of each of you being here, tomorrow morning you will be audited by the IRS."

He added: "If only you had named this the 'Solyndra Caucus,' then it would be fine. But you had the temerity actually to support prosperity. The only thing worse would be if it were the 'Prosperity and Constitution Caucus,' in which case we would be getting audited today."

In the current IRS scandal, groups with "Tea Party" and patriotic words in their titles were singled out for special review when filing for tax exempt status.

The group keeps speeches of speakers off the record, but his office allowed Secrets to repeat his IRS comments.