On Fox News on Monday, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, responded to critics of his behavior in the Senate.

“It’s interesting, I found it amusing that people — a number of people have criticized me on the grounds of civility and have in particular insulted me while doing so, and yet I have not and will not reciprocate,” Cruz stated in an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto. “I am not interested in insulting anybody. I’m interested in doing the job the American people expect of us, working to fix the problems.”

Cruz also addressed the controversial comments made by former Gov. Bill Richardson, D-N.M., about his ethnicity.

“He’s certainly entitled to his positions and his opinions,” Cruz said. “In my view — if people are insulting you, if they’re attacking your ethnicity, that tends to indicate that they don’t actually want to engage in the substantive merits of the argument.”

Cruz added that he had no interest in getting into a “mud-slinging battle” on those issues.

“I think that what the Hispanic community wants and what all Americans want is an economy and an environment where small businesses can prosper and where more and more people, where anybody can start with nothing and achieve anything,” Cruz said. “That’s my focus — is expanding opportunity, not responding in kind to whatever insults those on the other side may decide to hurl.”

Cavuto also asked Cruz to respond to the unexpected praise from Democratic strategist James Carville.

“I will say, in most other circles, saying you’re one of the better politicians is not much of a compliment in most of America,” Cruz joked.