Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz previewed a new plan to repeal Obamacare and replace it with different health care reforms.

"The only way to stop the problems is to admit this idea was fundamentally flawed to begin with," Cruz told Fox News' Megyn Kelly. "At this point, starting over, stopping Obamacare, is the essence of pragmatism."

Cruz's approach differs from some congressional Republicans and Democrats who are working to pass a bill delaying the Obamacare individual mandate or help Americans keep their current health care plans.

Cruz said that he would release a bill to empower Americans to purchase health insurance across state lines, creating a "true national market." Insurance can only be purchased intra-state at present.

"In the coming weeks, I intend to layout a plan to provide exactly that, a plan to repeal Obamacare altogether and at the same time expand options for five million-plus people, who have lost their health insurance and 300 million people across this country to expand their options to have affordable, personal, portable health care," Cruz said.