During an appearance on the Mark Levin show this evening, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, explained that he relished criticism from the mainstream media.

“Let me say that the fact that the mainstream media and the New York Times is so hysterical about what I’m doing – to me frankly suggests that we’re doing something right,” Cruz said. “Because I tell ya, I ain’t here workin’ for the New York Times, I’m working every day for 26 million Texans and for conservatives and Americans all across this country that want to get back to our Constitution, and want to get back to the free market system that has made us the greatest nation in the history of the world.”

Cruz added that he was proud of conservative groups and individuals who were standing up against an increasingly intrusive federal government.

Cruz also repeated his suggestion that it was time to abolish the IRS.

“I think the best and simplest solution is abolish the IRS, padlock it, and move to a simple flat tax that every American can fill out on a simple post card,” he said.