"All Americans say that our top priority right now is jobs and the economy," Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, told Fox's Laura Ingraham on Tuesday. "And for the president to come out today and say his top priority, or one of his top priorities, is killing jobs and hurting the economy, hurting economic growth, it makes no sense."

Cruz was referring to president Obama's climate change plan, which he unveiled during a speech at Georgetown University. The plan gives the Environmental Protection Agency sweeping authority under the Clean Air Act to regulate carbon emissions for existing coal plants. Opponents say the plan will lead to lost jobs and higher energy prices.

"A national energy tax will hurt every hard working taxpayer in this country," Cruz continued, "and it is an example of [Obama] being out of touch with hard-working Americans."

Obama's plan also creates new efficiency targets for appliances and buildings and invests billions more in clean energy technologies. Cruz said that the plan would enrich bankruptcy attorneys like the ones who oversaw the downfall of taxpayer-funded Solyndra. "If he is talking about funding more Solyndras then we may well see a lot more lawyers get work," Cruz said.